Concrete Cutouts: The Top Five Coolest Concrete Buildings

At Del Zotto Products, we don’t just work with concrete, we live it! We love seeing all of the amazing things that can be created with concrete. We have put together a list of what we think are the coolest concrete buildings from around the world!

  • Church of Seed by O Studio Architects in Huizhou, China: This church was created by O Studio Architects from Hong Kong and was built on the side of a sacred mountain in China. It was designed with the idea that it would let soft light in during the morning hours and block out harsh light in the afternoons. Although it only holds sixty people, this building has caught the attention of people around the world with its fantastic design.
  • The exterior of the 3.1 Phillip Lim Flagship Store in Seoul, South Korea: This building is actually a retail building that was made for a store that hoped to refresh its identity. The exterior was created with precast concrete forms. We love the way this firm uses precast to build many different types of intricate concrete
  • Rudy Ricciotti’s MuCEM in Marseille, France: Perhaps one of the most complicated concrete structures to ever exist; we have the MuCEM in France. Around most of the building, there is an intricate concrete exoskeleton that creates complex light patterns within the museum.


  • The Bicentennial Civic Center in Córdoba, Argentina: This building was created in Argentina with the intent of establishing a whole new downtown area. The architect created a very intricate and alluring design that will make people stop and look. The developers also created two bridges to allow easy access to the new facility.
  • The Peter Kunz Architektur Garage Studio in Herder, Switzerland: Designed almost twenty years ago, this is the least complicated of our favorite structures. However, the simplicity of this design proves just how dramatic of an impact concrete can have. It is crisp and clean and provides a great contrast with the landscape around it.

Do you have a favorite concrete structure? We would love to hear from you! Send us a message or tag us with a picture of your favorite concrete structure!