Get A Handle On Your Concrete Mixer

See how concrete mixers can make your life easier!

Your business is very important to you, and with the competitive landscape getting fiercer each day your business’ economic efficiency starts to become more of a growing concern. For a lot of businesses, an antiquated piece of equipment can become a resource bottleneck that slows processes and wastes materials. Recently, we have seen this to be the case with the concrete mixer, specifically because of newer advances in technology.

What matters most at Del Zotto Products is providing cutting-edge concrete mixer technology for our clients, especially when it comes to efficiently optimizing their bottom line. That’s where our professionally designed Volume-Tron Tracking System comes into play. Whether it’s wet cast or dry cast concrete, this intuitive technology will measure and report on everything from course aggregate pounds, fine aggregate pounds, water gallons, admix #1 ounces, admix #2 ounces, individual batch print-outs, a daily total print-out, and batch total yards with auto shut off.


Concrete mixer on a lot.

Save Time And Money
The development of the Volume-Tron Tracking System within our newer models of concrete mixers is important for a couple of major reasons, not the least of which is from the business efficiency perspective. Simply put, if you can ensure that you are utilizing a properly proportionate amount of components for each concrete batch, you will be able to significantly cut down on waste and save yourself precious dollars on the backend. Practically speaking, when it comes to setting your business up for future growth and long-term financial health, streamlining processes and maximizing resources should be at the top of the “To-Do” list.

The implementation of this type of machinery will have many positive effects on your management team and workforce-at-large. Armed with a full-spectrum of report statistics, your managers will be empowered to assess any process gaps in real time and have the opportunity to course-correct immediately, minimizing waste and cutting down on margins of error. They will also be able to accurately keep inventory and purchase materials, putting their minds (and yours) at ease when it comes time to reconcile the numbers at the end of the month.

These smart-technology concrete mixers won’t only make things easier for your management team; they will also make things simpler for the entire workforce. Your workers will know exactly what mix of materials are needed ahead of time to optimize process efficiency because of the hard data being provided through its built-in reporting system. This effectively keeps the guesswork out of the equation and sets parameters for your workers, so they know exactly what is needed to ensure they are working as responsibly as possible.

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