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Impressive Concrete Homes

Who says concrete can’t be used to build impressive homes? The diverse material, which some might dub “boring,” has been reinvented and reinvigorated as high-quality building matter. If you’re still not convinced, check out these five impressive concrete homes and make a note to travel to them. Fallingwater The most famous house on this list, […]

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A Look at the National Precast Association’s Precast University

The National Precast Association (NPCA), founded in 1965, offers several certificate programs for precasters with its Precast University curriculum. The NPCA “represents manufacturers of plant-produced precast concrete products and the suppliers of products and services for the industry.” It represents over 800 members. Its stated mission is “expanding the use of quality precast concrete and […]

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Precast Industry Grew by Over Five Percent Last Year

Each year the National Precast Association (NPCA) releases the Benchmarking Report, which is put together by an independent survey company. This year’s report showed the precast concrete industry grew by 5.2 percent. A total of $16.2 billion in sales was earned by the sector. According to the NPCA, “The growth in the precast sector slightly […]

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